Customer Handbook

  • Access for scheduled visitors is authorized by entering their information into the Atlantic Wharf Visitor Security System in advance.
  • All visitors are required to check in at the Lobby Security Desk and will be issued a printed one-day visitor label.
  • Unscheduled visitors (any individuals not listed in the Visitor Security System) will be delayed in the lobby and provided with the use of a courtesy telephone at the Lobby Security Desk to obtain access authorization from a tenant representative. The main company telephone number for each tenant in the building will also be provided in the event the visitor does not know the direct telephone number of the tenant employee they wish to visit. The visitor will not be allowed access into the building until their information is entered into the Visitor Security System by a tenant employee.
  • During non-business hours, the tenant employee also has the option of personally escorting the visitor from the Lobby Security Desk after showing their Atlantic Wharf Office Tower ID badge to the officer on duty. Verbal approval may also be received from an authorized main tenant contact through Atlantic Wharf Security. The Security Officer will then make an entry into the Visitor Security System and issue a one-day visitor label.