Customer Handbook

  • Tenant Access Control Coordinator submits a request via The names of the individuals for which IDs are being requested must be listed, as well as the reason for a replacement ID (lost, defective, photo faded, name change, etc.) in the Comments section.
  • The employee will be informed on how and where to obtain the completed ID badge, depending upon the individual tenant’s specific existing internal procedures (i.e. provided directly to the employee or delivered through the Access Control Coordinator).
  • Replacement ID badges require the same procedures as above, except the employee does not need to be photographed again.
  • Termination requests should also be made via The current ID badge will be deactivated from the system.
  • Charges are assessed for an ID badge and tenants will receive a monthly invoice for all ID badge requests (new and replacement) during the previous month. There is no charge for termination requests.