Customer Handbook

  • All contractors who require access to the Atlantic Wharf Office Tower must be pre-authorized by the tenant, regardless of the time of day.
  • Contractors who will be onsite for 5 days or less will have to be authorized through the Visitor Security System. Authorized contractor personnel will be required to check-in each day at the loading dock master’s office, and pick up their pass for each new day. The daily pass is required to be displayed to the freight elevator operator to gain access to the appropriate work floor(s). During non-business hours, contractor check-in will be completed at the building’s Lobby Security Desk. Unscheduled contractors will follow the same procedures as unscheduled visitors.
  • Contractors who will be on-site long term (more than 5 consecutive working days) might be eligible to be issued a photo ID badge. See Regulations for Building Improvements and Renovations for the Atlantic Wharf Office Tower ID badge issuance and access procedures.