Customer Handbook

Each tenant assigns an Access Control Coordinator (aka Administrator) to administer their employee cardholder database and to provide a liaison with Atlantic Wharf Security. Access Control Coordinator responsibilities are as follows:

  • Educate new employees in the use of their ID badge including proper use of the badge readers and procedures for non-business hours’ access.
  • Administer their employee cardholder database.
  • Authorize new ID badge issuance.
  • Notify Atlantic Wharf Security of lost IDs and employee terminations.

Occasionally, ID badges may malfunction. If an employee is experiencing a problem, the Access Control Coordinator should first ensure the employee is using the badge properly. If the problem persists, the Access Control Coordinator should contact Atlantic Wharf Security for assistance.

Upon termination of employment of a staff member at the Atlantic Wharf Office Tower, the Access Control Coordinator must notify Atlantic Wharf Office Tower Security to cancel his/her access. Inactive ID badges may be forwarded to Atlantic Wharf Security.