Atlantic Wharf is a proud member of the ABC Transportation Management Association. ABC TMA is an independent, consensus oriented, nonprofit organization made up of employers, retailers, business owners, public sector representatives and others working together to address employee transportation issues and improve air quality and traffic in the downtown and Back Bay areas of Boston.

To encourage the use of alternatives the ABC TMA provides incentives and programs that encourage employees to take transit, carpool, vanpool, bike and walk into work. By doing this, the ABC TMA is able to lower the cost of these commute modes and make them fun and rewarding to use.

Through membership in the ABC TMA, Atlantic Wharf customers will have access to the following programs:

  • Workout to Work: Active commuting program that encourages employees to incorporate walking and biking for all or part of your trip to work. Submit your miles each month to the TMA to be entered in prize drawings.
  • Bus + Boat: If you are someone who currently drives alone to work and is looking for another option, cosider a bus or ferry! ABC TMA will provide you with limited time cash incentive to give an alternative commute a try! 
  • Vanpool Subsidy: Curious about trying out a vanpool? Switch from a drive alone commute and you could be eligible for a limited time cash incentive!
  • Carpool Subsidy: Driving alone getting you down? Add a carpooler to your drive alone commute and you could be eligible for a limited time cash incentive!
  • Guaranteed Ride Home: Receive up to 6 free rides home a year in the event of an emergency, unscheduled over-time or illness if you take an alternative to a drive alone commute to work!
  • Biker Benefit Reimbursement Program: Reveive up to two $25 reimbursements over the course of a calendar year for eligible expenses including new safety gear, a new bike, or maintenance. 
  • Zipcar: Members take advantage of discounted membership & driving rates on 850 cars (in over 20 makes and models) strategically parked all over the Boston area. Each reservation includes the cost of gas, parking, insurance and mileage!

For more information visit the ABC TMA official website (