Energy Savings

Atlantic Wharf is designed to use 33% less energy than comparable downtown office towers and 42% less energy than a typical existing office in New England.

  • New England office building energy use: 114.6 MBTU/SF/year (CBECS 2003)
  • Prudential Tower use: 99.1 MBTU/SF (2008)
  • Atlantic Wharf Office Tower energy use: 66.7 MBTU/SF/year (DMI 4/2009)

Estimated savings of 30,000,000 MBTU/year (DMI 4/2009)

  • Equivalent annual energy use of 260+ average American households, including transportation

Estimated 43% reduction (4,625 metric tons/year) in CO2 equivalent emissions compared to an average Boston building (based on Energy Star Target Finder).

  • Equivalent to taking 840 average U.S. cars off the road (more than the full capacity of the Atlantic Wharf garage)

Envelope features contributing to better energy performance:

  • 20% Better thermal properties of building envelope save heating and cooling energy.
    • ASHRAE 90.1-2004 Curtain wall: U-value of 0.084
    • Atlantic Wharf Curtain wall: U-value of 0.067
  • 42% Better thermal properties of glass save heating and cooling energy.
    • ASHRAE 90.1-2004 Glazing: U-value of 0.57
    • Atlantic Wharf Glazing: U-value of 0.33
  • 32% Better thermal properties of roof save heating and cooling energy.
    • ASHRAE 90.1-2004 Roof: U-value of 0.063
    • Atlantic Wharf Roof: U-value of 0.043