Atlantic Wharf is designed to use 69% less domestic water in the office tower compared to a typical downtown tower.


  • Prudential Tower domestic gallons/square foot/year: 18 (2008)
  • Atlantic Wharf domestic gallons/square foot/year: 5.5 (RGV 3/2009)

Atlantic Wharf is using harvested rain to make-up the cooling tower, and so is designed to use 15% less water in building HVAC systems compared to a typical building.


  • Typical process water gallons/square foot/year: 6.98 (TMP 10/2008)
  • Atlantic Wharf process water gallons/square foot/year: 6.01 (TMP 10/2008)

Estimated savings in building water use of 12.5 million gallons per year, or enough water to fill 19 Olympic sized swimming pools.


  • Atlantic Wharf is designed to use 75% less irrigation water compared to typical Boston buildings.